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Welcome to a new section of my website dedicated to the E28: '82-88 BMW 5 series.

Latest News:

• 27/11/01: I changed the O2 sensor with a Ford Mustang one and the emission went way up. The catalytic converter was gutless, so I had it changed. The E28 passed emission with flying colors.
I changed the clamps on the power steering hoses to cure the leak.
04/11/01: A lot of new additions to the website.
Next week I have to do my front brakes, all 4 shocks and reduce the Co% to pass emission.
I purchased my 185/65/14 snow tires from Bell Tires.
• 01/11/01: I changed the fuel filter (what a pain), did an oil change, fixed a window switch and changed the dashboard battery. (Pictures soon)
• 27/10/01: I changed the filter in the PS reservoir and changed the power flow regulator along with the bomb. Now the brakes work.
• 26/10/01: The car is back on the ground. Still trying to solve the brake problem. Pictures on Monday.
• 24/10/01: Addition of the E28 project's picture.
• 24/10/01: Creation of the website.


Thank you to everyone who helped me to solve my brake problem.


I would like to thank everyone from BMA for their help giving me the best price on the BMW E28 and E34 parts.

Without them, there would be no project...





If you want some info like on the E34 website, email me.