Story of the rebuilt of a BMW E28 535i 5 series
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Pictures of the Project
I paid US$470 for the 535i, while I was looking for a BMW to drive for the winter.
Why a BMW, isn't a rear wheel drive bad during winter? Not if you have snow tires, I have a set of 14" waiting to get snows.
Why not a 325ix: Too expensive for me.
Why not driving the E34 535i? I sold my 15" rims from the E34 and installed 850i front brakes, now I can run 16" rims only and buying rims + snows would have cost me as much as fixing up a car.
Knowing the E34 pretty well, I thought that getting an E28 will be pretty much the same...
1st I had to remove the rust over the body. I din't get BMW paint and I didn't did a perfect finish as I am planning on having the car painted next summer.
I just wanted to concentrate on all the rust around the car, before it gets worse.

Time to rebuild the front end

Thrust arm and control arm
The previous owner was complaning of a strong shimmy on the steering wheel.
The problem was: bad ball joints, cracked bushings and very bad idler arm.

Time to rebuild the front end
I changed: 2 thrust arms + control arms + steering links + sway bar links and idler arm.