Receiver / drier


Cost: $50 - $100


The receiver/drier acts as a filter in the A/C system. It must be changed when the A/C system is opened for repair. There is two types of driers, one with 3 switches (Bmw E34 before 2/1989) and one with one switch (Bmw E34 after 2/1989)

It is located in the front right corner of the engine compartment below the headlight.


  • System need to be discharged.
  • New O'rings.
  • Rachet, extensions.
  • New pressure switch if you have an E34 built before 2/1989

1. Discharge the system if not already done (Don't release it on the atmosphere PLEASE).. Remove the plastic cover at the back of the headlight. Remove the air filter box.
2. Disconnect the connectors from the windshield washer and move the windshield washer to the air filter box location. (You can also remove the washer pump and leave the air box alone).
3. Disconnect the connectors from the drier pressure switch(es). Remove the 3 screws holding the drier. Remove the drier and remove the pressure switch if E34 built after 2/1989.

Up to 1/1989 E34 ONLY

4. This is a picture of an old drier. You can see the separate high, low and intermediate pressure switches. The new ones use one switch.

Up to 1/1989 E34 ONLY

5. Cut off the two spades, splice then wire ends and solder them together. Use shrink wrap or electrical tape to isolate the wire.

6. Install the new pressure switch (or used one in case of an after 2/1989 E34) in the drier and install the drier back to its location. Connect the two A/C lines and use new O'rings. Tighten the 3 screws and connect the two connectors (black to black and white to white). Installation is reverse of removal

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