Door Removal


Cost: Cheap

Procedure and photos courtesy of Scott Shackelford

If you have a problem with the door stop, the electrical windows or anything located inside the door, you will have to remove it.


1. Gently pry up the mirror controller to access the screw behind the arm rest.
2. Simply unscrew the doorlock.
3. Remove the small screw cover to access the speaker screw.
4. Removal of the speaker. Just pull it out and disconnect the wires.
5. Yet another screw behind the speaker.
6. Starting to pry the door panel off.
7. The panel is just about off. Note that the mirror cable was disconnected. The red cable is for the door handle. Make sure that you lift the door UP and OFF.
8. Another shot of the cable for the door handle. It simply comes right off. No real effort is required for this.
9. Peeling back the foam insulation to expose the power window motor, etc. This is how you gain access to the door break.
10. The broken door brake. The screws that held it in to the door had actually ripped the metal and caved into the door.
11. Shot of the repaired door brake. I used JB weld and a washer to provide extra support to the metal after it had caved in. I had to pry it out with needle nose pliers.
12. What the inside of the door panel looks like. Check for broken clips before you start to put the panel back on.


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