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Time: 1 hour/side

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The brakes are one thing you don't want to forget while working on your Bmw E34.

Failure syndromes:
Rotor wear can be measured and noticed: deep lip = advanced wear.
Shimmy when braking.


Rotor replacement
  • Brake cleaner spray
  • WD 40 + metal brush
  • Ratchet, extensions
  • 6mm hex wrench
  • New rotor mounting screw
  • Anti squeak brake pad product.

1. Lift the car and secure it with stands. Remove the wheel.
2. Clean thoroughly the new rotors with brake cleaner.
3. Remove the caliper and support it to the frame with strong wire (do not hang it with the hose).

4. Remove the 2 x 19mm brake pad carrier mounting bolts. Remove the brake pad carrier. Clean it with a metal brush.

5. Spray the rotor mounting bolt with WD 40. Take a hammer and give the rotor several hard hits directly above the bolt. Remove it with a 6mm hex wrench. If you round the bolt and cannot remove it, turn the rotor so the bolt is on the opposite side of the brake pad carrier. Hit the rotor from behind until it breaks away from the rotor, or drill it out. Use vise-grip on the bolt to remove it.
6. Remove the old rotor then use a metal brush to clean the hub thoroughly. Coat the center with anti-seize grease.
7. Installation is the reverse of removal.
8. Depress the brake pedal several times to adjust the caliper and pads. Adjust brake fluid level.


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