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Including rear brakes, all BMW models are equipped with fade-free high-performance disk brakes on the front wheels, which bear most of the load in braking. These are very generously dimensioned and are inner-vented on the BMW E34, E28 and E32

Fitted as standard on all BMW models, ABS prevents the wheels from locking when braking at the limit :

There is a speed sensor at each road wheel. The signals from the sensors are applied continuously to a central electronic unit. If the rotation speed of one wheel suddenly drops by an above-average amount, the electronics identify this as a risk of the wheel locking, and reduces hydraulic pressure in the corresponding brake line momentarily until the wheel rotates freely again.

This control cycle can be repeated many times a second if necessary. The driver hears a signal and feels a pulsation at the brake pedal as a sign that the ABS is in use.


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