Heater valve


Cost: $50 used $140 new


Time: 1 hour

Procedure and pictures courtesy of Scott E.

Bmw E34 and E32 have a funny tendency to loose the heat in the middle of winter... If this happens to you time to check the heater valve.

Failure syndromes:
• Heater only works when drivers dial is all the way to the right (Max. setting) Other settings only produce unheated air from vents.

Heater valves stuck.



1. Open hood
2. Remove plastic cover to heater valves (located next to fuse box on firewall)
3. Loosen all six screws on solenoid valve.
4. Tap on both solenoid valves with hammer while an assistant turns the drivers side temperature dial back and forth.
5. You should be able to hear the solenoid clicking now.
6. Tighten all six screws and replace plastic cover.
7. If this doesn’t work you may need to remove and clean the valves or perhaps replace them.

8. If this doesn't work, change the heater valve and the auxiliary pump. This is an easy task, you need to remove the 4 bolts on top of the heater valve, disconnect the wires and then pull the valve out. You don't need to remove the auxiliary pump as they will be both pulled out together. Use needle noise vice grips to pinch the hoses if you don't want to loose all your coolant. This is a tight spot to remove the valve but it will come out.

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