Engine mounts


Cost: $50

Difficulty: except V8...

Time: 45min, V8: 3 hours


On the BMW E34 / E32, the engine mounts filter the vibrations of the engine.
This is an easy job that is not described in the Bentley manual.

• Engine shacking when idling.
• Engine mounts leaking.


  • 17mm socket + extensions.
  • 17mm closed end wrench
  • Floor jack and piece of wood
  • WD 40

You might want to clean the grease that is accumulated at the front right of the engine before removing the engine mounts.

We are working one side at a time.

1. Remove the plastic cover under the engine bay.
2. Open the hood, and locate the left engine mount. Spray WD 40 on all the nuts.
3. The 17mm nut you are looking at is the toughest to remove because there is not a lot of room to swing a wrench, with extensions and u-joint you will be able to break it free.
4. The rest is easy, remove the 17mm bottom nut.
5. Now, place a floor jack under the oil pan along with a piece of wood. Remove the two 17mm nuts if not already done and jack the engine up until the engine mount is free.

6. Remove the old mount and install the new one.
7. Lower the jack gently, watching the engine mount. Tighten the two nuts back.
8. Same thing for the right mount, but you can remove both nuts being under the car. The top one is removed with the 17mm closed end wrench.

9. The procedure is the same as the right one.

540i engine and transmission mounts after less than 90 000miles...

V8: 530 - 540i: The easiest way when you work on the V8 is to have a lot of extentions and a u-joint.
For the right mount, you have place the windshield washer reservoir on the side and remove the air box. Then with at least 3 extentions and a u-joint you will be able to lossen the top 17mm bolt.
For the left side, you have to move the brake fluid reservoir on the side then guide the extensions, u-joint and 17mm socket to the bolt. It is a tight area, but I have done it. I have lifted both side at the same time.

Worse case, You can remove the alternator to get access to the engine mounts and try lifting the engine on one side at the time. This way the engine is not so much lifted but more like twisted and will balance to either the left or right of the car; it will come of the mount and thatīs all you need. Lift the engine on the left, replace the mount on the left, lower the engine, lift the engine on the right, replace the mount on the right...

(Thanks to Bill Rickard)
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