Sway bar links


Cost: $25


Time: 15min/side

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The Bmw E34/E32 sway bar links are cheap and should be changed in pairs.

Failure syndromes: clink noise when driving over bumps.


  • Rachet and 17mm socket + 16mm wrench
  • Four new self-locking nuts

1. Place the front of the car on jack stands.
2. Remove the wheels.
3. Use the open wrench to block the sway bar link nut and the close end wrench or socket to remove the 17mm nut.

Installation is the revese of removal.


  • Rachet and 17mm socket + 17mm wrench
  • WD 40
  • Two new self-locking nuts

1. Place the rear of the car on jacks. No need to remove the wheels.
2. Spray the links with lots of WD40 and let sit for awhile.
3. Remove the 17mm nut then remove the sway bar link, it is going to be a little bit hard because it is rusty.
4. The trick to put the new one in place is to remove all the rust (with a flat screw driver or a metal brush), attached to the sway bar where the sway bar link was located.

Installation is the reverse of removal.


Part numbers

All E34s
Front sway bar: 31 35 1 134 582
Rear sway bar: 33 55 1 135 307

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