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Automatic transmission:

Four types of automatic transmissions had been used in the Bmw E34. They are electro-hydraulically controled with 4 speeds (525i - 535i) or 5 speeds (530i - 540i). Check this info if you have the lifetime fluid transmission or no dipstick.

Manual transmission:

Four types of manual transmissions had been used in the E34. Models are equipped either with 5 speeds (525i - 530i - 535i) or 6 speeds (lucky 540i).

'95 M5 also had a 6-speed with a 3.23 diff ratio, giving a theoretical top speed of 200mph! Thanks to Rob Levinson from UUC Motorwerks who is in the process of converting his '94 M5 to a 6-speed and 3.45 with Quaife differential. The 535i can use this transmission also, it will bolt right up just like the earlier Getrag 280 from the 5-speed M5s.

If the clutch is changed or the transmission should be removed, change the following seals:
- Selector shaft oil seal (5 speed only)
- Output shaft oil seal
- Input shaft oil seal

Transmission rubber mounts: (by Chris Lingle)

It was very easy and basically the same first couple of steps as the output flange seal job. You need to drop the whole exhaust system including ofcourse the nuts that hold it to the exhaust manifold. Then support tranny with jack stand and remove tranny mount bracket starting with the two 12mm nuts (nut located on bottom of mount) that hold the mount in place. Then remove the 4 15mm bolts that hold the actual bracket in place which will allow for it to come out. Now loosen the two nuts on top of the mounts and slide the "old" mount out- One thing to take note is the tranny mounts "LOCK" into place on the braket with the help of two little ears the keep the mounts from spinning while tightening.


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