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These are pictures of other E34 you will never have... Check also these unique ones.

You can buy them.


Sean H's racing car photoshop by our well known Gordon.

This Bmw E34 was a seidl tuning model:
What Tom did (not real):
-Angel Eyes (from the E39)
-Wide body
-Clear indicators
-Dechromed kidney grille
-Windshield sticker
-Revised eyelids

Click to see this beauty.

The red and silver E34s are from: Tom Goh, Webmaster ľAuto Obsessive.

Before and After

This is a nice pair of E34 coupe

Who sent me this one??? I forgot... Sorry

You can buy these rims if you want. They are a killer at the track. Show your wife/gf that you are a sensitive guy...

My silly work...


This is the best E34. I love this car. I would love to show all these M3 what an E34 is all about...
Tim when are your transforming your car like that?


This is an unusual E34...

Who emailed me that?


This isn't a photophop, but this is what I saw when I hit this wall on the highway...

Gotta love this one too...


This WAS an E34, this is more like a green monster... The guy who owned it was so ashamed that he dumped it at the junkyard.

No one wants any parts coming from this car, people are too afraid to contaminate their own E34s...

Who did that anyway?



This is the familial 850i, or the sporty E34... You pick.

Big thanks to: Brett


This is low to the ground with 19" rims... Just awesome... (Isn't the grill too small?)

Thanks to: Kari P.



This is a very aggressive look for the E34.

Thanks to: Kari P.

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