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My crash test



November 20, 2000 it is exactly 3 months after my birthday. I will not forget the cold weather and the ice on the 401. I was going to order my snow tires the following day... What a mistake. My michelins were definitively not designed to drive on ice. When the 16 wheeler braked in front of me, on the far right lane, I decided to move to the center lane... The car went directly to the wall. I was facing traffic and waited 3 interminable minutes to move my wounded Bmw E34 to the shoulder.
My '89 535i doesn't have an airbag, I probably hit the wall at 70 km/h (43.7 mph). My neck was just a little sore for a couple of days. I love the E34 and felt very protected inside, my car saved my life.


Pictures of my 535i after towing it to my garage (Cdn$ 470.00 Arg!) Click on the pictures to enlarge them


Almost all the parts had been found (at a price I can afford). I will change the hood and the grill for the wide version found in the 530i, 540i and 95 525i.(Procedure and part numbers to come). I will also remove the 535i at the back of my E34 if the bodyshop paints the whole car.

Pictures of my 535i at the bodyshop in Toronto, in the process to be as wide as a M540i.

DTM exhaust tips installed, ready for the black primer then paint - clear - water sanded - clear.

The condenser, condenser fan, steering fluid cooling element, drier and complete bumper are changed and in place. The radiator is back in place with a new water pump, new fan clutch and fan blade.


Talk about shine...

My E34 lowered with Racing Dynamics springs and 17" Racing Dynamics wheels + Toyo T1S tires.
A big thanks to Patrick from BMA, he gave me the best price for the parts and shipped them the same day.


I bought a pair of DTM exhaust pipes that I welded onto the muffler. The result is amazing and very agressive.
I have also painted the tail lights in red.
The body and bumper trims will be painted with the same colour as the car.

Problem I faced:
• Aftermarket parts are cheaper... now I know why. They don't fit perfectly, but a little "magic" and they are where they belong.
• It took me a long time to find the parts and the worst part is to put your own car back together. Try it one day, have someone remove the complete front end, then put it back together... Lot's of fun.
• Driving a front wheel drive van is not that bad when the 401 is covered with snow.

You cannot imagine how great it is to give a second chance to a car, I love every minute I spend on my car and I am looking forward to my next project. Porsche 911 or E34 M5???

I really thank all of you for your support. I don't consider my E34 as "it's just a car", it is a BMW and I spend time like all of you to make it better, little bit by little bit every week end. When a crash happens, it's a part of you that you lose.

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