Track preparation


Redfive 535i fully prepared

Before heading to a driving school or racing event, there is a few things you should do to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Prepare the driver:
Even if a cage and a helmet are not required in some driving school, it is strongly advised to wear a helmet, either open or full face.
Clothing-Cotton is best. Cotton long-sleeved shirt or jacket is better than any synthetic (fire) and bring water.
Wear comfortable sneaker-type flat soled non-slip shoes and socks.
Prepare the car: Inside
• All loose contents in your car must be removed before the event. (Floor mats, garage opener, glove compartment contents, door pocket, ash tray, trunk contents, wheel cover/hub caps.) Some people bring a box to throw everything in when they empty the car.
• Make sure that your spare tire and jack is secure properly.
Prepare the car: Outside - Mechanic
• Rain-X your windshield if it looks like rain.
• Bring your car to a reputable garage to have it checked thoroughly. Some driving schools give you a form to have filled out from your favorite mechanic.
• Torque all the wheels at the same value (around 80ft/lb).
• Check your tire pressure and bring a good tire gauge and a compressor if you have one. Inflate your tire to a higher pressure than in street driving. You will still be able to remove some pressure at the track.
• Fill up the fuel tank just before heading to the track.
At the track:

• Fist thing it to sit properly in your seat. Adjust your seat to reach the pedals without effort and the palm of your hand should touch the top of the steering wheel without moving your shoulders.
• Tighten your seat belt to the max or adjust your harness. Don't forget that the dead pedal is used to
• Don't use your A/C as it will sucks some horses from your E34.
• At the end of a heat, use your heater to cool your engine and open the hood and let the engine cool down. Check the fluids and anything suspect.
• Wave to the flaggers and always pay attention to them, they are your best friends out there.

Thanks to Dragos
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