Winter prep.
Winter driving


Winter is coming and now is the good time to give your E34 a good checkup.



1. Check the coolant and flush if not done recently.
2. Inspect your windshield wipers and change them if needed (if you know the price... it's really going to be on a "if needed" basis).
3. Check ignition system including the battery.
4. Check heat system and ventilation and defroster.
5. Check all the lights and tire pressure (including spare).
6. Prepare a car kit with: flashlights, pocket knife, blanket, matches, shovel, tools, booster cables and plastic bags (you don't want to soil your leather seats...)
7. It's time to put your windshield scraper and brush back in your car.
8. Keep some none perishable food and bottled water.


1. Thoroughly clean and wax the E34 (some people recommend using an acrylic sealant instead of wax for extreme winter condition).
2. Lubricate doors, hood and trunk latches.
3. Check the undercarriage and apply rubber, or asphalt undercoating, in damaged areas.
4. Spray the alloy wheels with silicone spray to protect against salt. (Avoid painted surfaces). Silicone also protects the engine.


1. Clean and treat leather seats and dash. (Prevent cracking).
2. Clean the carpeting and install your winter mats (the $10.50 ones).
3. Apply silicone based spray to rubber weather-strips all around.


1. Wash your E34 as soon as possible (and silicone spray) and inspect the body for paint chip and scratches. If you found some, seal chips with touch up paint.
2. Always keep your gas tank at least half full.
3. Don't forget to check the weather report when planning your winter trips.
4. Do all the repairs you planned to do... Don't wait for the cold weather to do them.

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