Winter prep.
Winter storage


If you drive your E34 only during summer, it's time to prepare your car for storage.


1. Change the oil and the filter.
2. Check cooling system and hoses. Flush if not done recently.
3. Let your car run for 15 min., run the A/C to lubricate seals.
4. Fill up the gas tank (I heared that you should drop in a bottle of dry gas).


1. Thoroughly clean and wax the E34.
2. Lubricate doors, hood and trunk latches.


1. Clean and treat leather seats and dash (prevents cracking).
2. Clean the carpeting and spray the interior with stainless moth preservative.
3. Apply silicone based grease to rubber weather-strips all around.
4. Cedar board might help to prevent insects.
5. Close all vents.


1. Remove the battery and store it in a warm place.
2. Set it on a piece of wood (to avoid power drainage), away from open flame, sparks or... children.


1. You might want to remove the tires to remove the weight of the car.
2. Place all four corners of your E34 on jack stands. (Good time to bleed or flush brake fluid.)
3. Store your tires on top of each other.
4. If you don't remove the tires, isolate them from the floor with a heavy sheet of plastic.


1. Heat your storage area if you can afford it.
2. If you are in a damp area, you might want to place cloth bags filled with newspaper to absorb the moisture.
3. Make sure to cover any windows in your storage area (sun will age paint and plastics).
4. During winter you can start your car once a month (in ventilated area), don't forget to run the A/C to lubricate the seals.
5. Patience... spring is on its way.

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