Winter prep.
Winter tires



If you live in a snow area and you do more than city driving, you really should consider getting 4 snow tires for your E34.

All season tires are OK if you plan to drive once or twice in snow, but don't expect miracles...

Tires rated excellent in snow:
- Bridgestone Blizzak
- Michelin Pilot Alpin
- Pirelli Asimmetrico Ice
- Nokia NR09/NR10
- Pirelli Winter S2
- Continental Contact TS-740
- Goodyear F32S

Don't forget to check your tire pressure.

Optimum Winter Tire/Wheel Size:


Basically, this means you’re equipped with a narrower, higher profile tire that provides superior snow and ice traction due to this change in geometry. The good news is that these sizes often save you money because they’re less expensive than the factory size!

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