850i brake upgrade


Cost: $300


BMW E 34 535i wiht 850i brakes

The BMW E34 brakes fast... But I wanted more "bite" out of my brakes so I switched to 850i brakes for the front and 540i brakes for the rear.


There is no trick to swap the brakes. If you bought the right elements, it is just like changing rotors and pads. I changed my brake lines to stock ones at the same time. I didn't want to use stainless steel ones because they are expensive and I am not a race car driver.
As you can see there is not a lot of room left inside the 17" Racing Dynamics rims... The kit should work with 16" rims.

As you can see... size does matter...

Where to buy the kit:

Rotors / pads / brake lines: BMA contact Patrick.

Calipers: (very hard to find)
850i front caliper assembly: Active Foreign Auto Parts contact: Ed ext 105.
540i rear caliper assembly: USU contact Kim Gort ext 19.

Red caliper paint: OPMD

Rotor paint: Any hardware store or caliper paint.

(Thanks to Patrick, Ed & Phil Dorsey)


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