Exhaut tips


Cost: $45


My "chrome" tips were anything but chrome... It was time to change them.

There is two ways to do it:
1- Remove the muffler then work on the tips.
2- Your muffler is one long piece that goes to the catalytic converter, in this case it might be easier to remove the rear bumper to have access to the muffler tips.

Cost: I bought a set of DTM tips (DTM - 3 Inch x 9 Inch x 2.5 Inch Inlet) for $22.95 ea. Ask them to ship you two of the same length.You will need to have access to a welder to weld the tip to your muffler.

You can still buy the BMW chrome tips from the dealer at about $28 Cdn (US$18) each. They look good and install in no time. No cutting, welding, clamping - a simple push on operation. Part # 82119401504. (Thanks to Roman)



  • New tips.
  • Set of wrenches and sockets.
  • Welder.

1. If you have to remove the bumper, remove the central trim, remove the side marker. Unbolt the four 17mm bolts that hold the bumper in place then pull on it to remove if from the side brackets.

2. Cut your old tips. I used a jigsaw to cut them.
3. Clean well all the rust in the surface around the old tip. Put the new tips in place and tack weld them once. This will allow you to adjust them a little bit.
4. If you removed your bumper and use the DTM angled style, you will have to put it back in place to make sure that everything fits.
5. When everything is the way you want, weld the tips all around.
6. Start the car and make sure that there is no major leak through the welding.
7. Put the muffler or the bumper back in place and enjoy the new look of your Bmw E34.
Thanks to Jay's Auto & Mike Danna from
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