Steering Wheel


Mtech 2 steering wheel.

Cost: $30 - $200


Time: 30 min.

Procedure courtesy of Winfred, picture from Derek

The BMW E34/E32 has a nice steering wheel (the three branches one) but only after 90. My 89 has the big truck steering wheel. If you want a different steering wheel, this info is for you.



BMW E30 and BMW E28 steering wheels are the same, you can put these on a E34 that has a 22mm nut holding the wheel on including air bag cars. later E34's around 92 have a different column with a bolt 17 or 19 i can't remember. to install E30/28 wheel you will need the small ring that's under the wheel or some other spacer, the E34 has one so find somthing about the same size and put it on top of the wheel under the 22mm nut and washer. the splines are the same size the end of the shaft is just a little longer

Mtech 2 steering wheel (From Winfred):
Get the spacer from under the m3 wheel and put it on top of the wheel on the 535 then put the nut on. The splined part of the shaft is longer on the e34. i've got them on both of my airbag cars 90 325is and 90 535i. unplug the orange box under the dash on the driver side and that should take care of the bag light

Part# from Stewart Ebrat

Pre- 11/90 build date part # 32 33 2 226 085 will fit all the older e34 e28 etc.
Post 11/90 91 and up e34 and e36 pn# 32 33 2 226 741
Spacer: 32-31-1-120-260

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