Lights protection


My E34 with louvered cover (right of foglight) from a E34 turbo diesel.
Cost: $30


If like me you do a lot of highway driving, you know how it is to drive behind a rock throwing 16 wheelers. You need to protect your lights.

I bought a Bmw E34 fog light protection kit (82 11 0 008 643) from and followed bmw instructions. But you can find the kit somewhere else so this is the procedure with pictures.



  • 1 quart spray bottle.
  • Heat gun or your girlfriend hair dryer.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70% by volume).
  • Tap water.

1. Mix 25% Alcohol and 75% water in a spray bottle and a glass. Clean thoroughly the surface of the light with the solution.

2. For best results, both the light and the cover should be above 70°F. You can turn your lights on and wait until they become warm to the touch (not hot), or use a heat gun or hair dryer to gently warm the light lens. Warm the cover too.
3. Before removing the backing paper, dry fit the cover on the lens. Wet your fingers into the glass with the solution (handling the parts with dry hand will leave marks). Remove the backing paper and immediately spray the solution to the exposed adhesive side and to the light lens.
4. Apply the protective cover to the light hand hand smooth the cover from the center out. Use the squeegee provided with the kit to force the solution out along the edges by using firm, continuous stokes from the center out.

5. On contoured surfaces, the adhesive will not stick to the lens immediately. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to gently heat between the lens and the cover. This will soften the cover and evaporate some of the moisture allowing for better contouring of the material. DO NOT OVERHEAT.
6. A hazy appearance may be noticed between the lens and the cover within an hour of installation. This is caused by the moisture that has become trapped between the cover and the lens. This is normal and shouldn't last no longer than a week.
7. Allow 48 hours before using the lights or washing your E34.

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