Story of the rebuilt of a BMW E28 535i 5 series
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Brakes repair

Some maintenance item are located in location so inaccessible that it is easy to forget them... The Fuel filter is one of them. Make sure you wear safety glasses when you remove this item, because there is a lot of rust and dirt there.

Failure syndromes: A clogged fuel filter will restrict the flow.

Fuel filter replacement.
1. Lift the rear of the car and support it with jack stands.
2. Locate the fuel filter at the rear right of the car, next to the gas tank.
3. Place rags everywhere under the hoses. And use WD40 on the clamps and the 10mm bolt holding the filter bracket. Hummm better use a lot of it.
4. You can use needle noise vise grips to clamp to hose or you can remove the fuel pump relay and run the car to drain the gas inside the hoses.
5. Clean around the hoses and loosen the hose clamps and remove the 10mm bolt holding the bracket.
6. Don't smoke or have any sparks around, because the fuel filter is full of gas. Use the new filter caps to plug to the old filter and stop the gas flowing.
7. Remember how the fuel filter was placed and place the new one with the arrow in the same direction.
8. Install new hose clamps and probably a new 10mm bolt and nut.