Headlights adjustment


Cost: None


If you don't want everyone to flash their lights at you, after a 9005 conversion for example, you need to aim the headlights of your Bmw E34. The adjustment is for north American lights.

Failure syndromes:
• You can see the inside of the car you are following.
• You cannot see further than... the end of your hood.


  • Phillips and flat screwdriver.
  • Dark area with a vertical wall and 25 feet (7.5m) of flat space in front of it.
  • Tape measure

1. Check that you have the right tire pressure and a full tank of gas. You are suppose to put the normal load in the car (driver+ regular passengers) but this is not a problem without.
2. Place your E34 lights 25 feet (7.5m) perpendicular to the wall.

Marking the wall:
3. You can mark the wall with chalk if you want. I just measured back and forth.
Center is the horizontal line at the same height as the headlights.
7" below center is the line 7" (17.8cm) below the center line (Duh!).
LB.L / LB.R are the vertical lines through the center of the low beams.
HB.L / HB.R are the vertical lines through the center of the high beams.

Adjustment screws location:
- The screw to move the light up and down is located at the front of the grill.
- The screw to move the light left and right is located in the engine compartment next to the fender, it is a long piece of white plastic.

Low Beams:
3. Turn on the low beams.
4. Turn the adjusting screws to move the cut-off spot to the intersection of 7" below center and LB.L or LB.R.

High Beams:
5. Turn on the high beams.
6. Turn the adjusting screws to move the center of the high intensity light zone on the intersection of lines Center and HB.L / HB.R.

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