More light


Cost: $30


Ellipsoid headlights produce a yellowish pattern of light on the ground. We all agree that more light is needed. Even $400.00 for the HID upgrade is a lot of money. But some people found out that the 9005 bulbs can be modified to fit the Bmw E34.

This works only on ellipsoid.

Why using a 9005 bulb: 9005 bulbs are 65W and are not capped at the end, 9006 bulbs are 55W and have a cap at the end.
You have to slightly modify the 9005 bulb to fit the 9006 socket. Tim experimented with the Sylvania Cool Blue 65W 9005 ($15 ea) and was really happy with the bright light.
Light increase is from the increase in lumens from the 9005 bulb. A 9005 bulb has 70% more lumens than the 9006 (1700 lumens vs 1000 lumens). HID has 3200 lumens.



  • File or chisel tools.
  • Sharp knife, blade, soldering iron or Dremel like tool
  • 2 x 9005 bulbs.
  • Protective glasses (you don't want to lose an eye) and gloves

1. Remove 3mm of plastic from the left of the center until you have 5-6mm of plastic left.

2. Remove the two guides inside the socket (I used a knife and a soldering iron). Install 2 or 3 O'rings from the old bulb in the new bulb to ensure a tight fit. ( didn't and it worked fine for me)

3. Install the bulbs in your car and have your light adjusted if not already.

Still weak lighting?

There has been comments on the low intesity of the e34 ellpisoid low beams which also applied to my car - with dark and wet weather (I live in Northern Europe - Estonia), there seemed to be no lights at all. I decided to deassembly the headlight (thanks for the info how to remove the grill:-) ). After the procedure, I had the access to clean the mirror layer and the ellipsoid lense, which at the first sight seemed to be ok. Just thin layer of dust on both sides of the ellipsoid lense which I carefully cleaned. For my surprise, after the assembly, the headlight intensity was A LOT better. So, this thin layer of dust on lense made a great difference ( i guess there is some kind of optical explanation).
This story applies to euro ellipsoids but I hope it does also help someone on the other side of the Atlantic too. (Thanks Laur Mägi)

Thanks to Humberto Acevedo & Robert Kane

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