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E34 and E32 M30 engine (535i, 735i, 735il), there is a flaw in the design of the oil canister.
A few of us are having problems with our oil filter canisters. The symptom is that the oil pressure warning light takes unduly long to go off after the car sits overnight. This is due to the check valve in the canister failing. In one case, even a new canister failed in seven months. If you are having this problem, please call BMWNA at 1-800-831-1117 to report it. Few owners have spoken with them and they would like to build a database by having all owners call in.

February 10, 2002 NEW PAGES: RDSport Rebates updated, exhaust for M5 and 525i - Sway bars installation (pictures soon) - Rear headrest install - OBC retrofit - Stereo page updated - The Recipe for power.
January 24, 2002 NEW PAGES: Touring Roof Rack installation and Gauge cluster - M30 oil canister troubleshooting - Steering wheel refinish - K&N response on the air filters... - Strut bar addition to the suspension page.
January 14, 2002

NEW PAGE: Location/reprogramming of the remote and Sunroof.
The new design of the website is working fine, the new menu (after working more than 30 hours on different menus) works fine too. Now you don't have to browse the whole website to find the info you need.
The mailing list is working, but I need to improve a couple of things before releasing it.
26 people are interested on the sway bar group purchase, I am still waiting for RD answer.

2002 is definitively a new year for as it will become THE E34 Website. The registry is the next step.

December 18, 2001 New Group purchase for spring: SWAY BARS: either RD or Eibach.
I am also working on an affordable Mass Air Flow Meter for the E34.
I will be working on the new design of the website during the Christmas break. I will also work on the registry and the classified.
You will have a lot of new stuff for 2002...
December 06, 2001 New addition to sway bar upgrade Thanks to Phaedrus
Modification of the LKM procedure thanks to Matt.
Addition in the quick fix page: unable to open the glove box. Thanks to Dhanraj Rajender.
New addition to the sword page. Thanks to Henno de Bruin
New addition to the front clunck page thanks to Jeff.
December 03, 2001

Ok, I didn't give up on the E34 website and I still have to prepare my E34 for the winter, I think I will take a day off for that.
As you can see there is something new on the website... the navigation menu, this is taking a lot of time because there is a lot of links, so please be patient.

November 23, 2001

The E28 passed emission after changing the O2 sensor (with a Ford Mustang 5.0 one) and a new catalytic converter. The cat was empty and was the reason of the high Co%.
New pictures on the subwoofer page. (Thanks to Derek)
New pictures on the brake page and the front shock replacement page.

November 04, 2001 New page: steering play in the troubleshooting section.
Winter is coming, get your Bmw E34/E32 ready.
October 26, 2001 Addition in the pages: Photoshop BMW - Body upgrade
October 24, 2001 I created a page for the E28, check out the E28 Project page.
October 16, 2001 I bought myself another Bmw, a '86 535i E28. I will be working on it to get her road worthy so I won't work much on the website. I am changing the brake bomb, sway bar links, idler arm, thrust and control arms.
October 14, 2001 New procedure: Panel lights.
October 3, 2001 New pictures for the slave cylinder procedure.
New procedure: Subwoofer installation
September 15, 2001 Some more maintenance deals thanks to BMA
New pages: Best E34 II - Turbo / Superchargers
September 15, 2001 New page: Tires
September 14, 2001 Some more maintenance deals thanks to BMA
New page Procedure and photos courtesy of Jeff Bosonetto: Differential swap
September 13, 2001 New maintenance deals thanks to BMA
September 11, 2001 September 11 was a terrible day for the United States and many people. The thoughts of everyone go out to the victims of Tuesday's tragedy and their families.
September 02, 2001 - New procedure: RD headers installation. Big thanks to Racing Dynamics for the headers deal.
- New procedure AFM Adjustment.
- New procedure: Electrical fan installation.My perma cool fan works fine, but the perma cool thermostat died... I installed a fixed thermostat with a relay.
- BMA is working on maintenance kits for us... Sweeeeet, more savings.
Modification of the wheel upgrade page thanks to ... Please email me as I didn't have your name on your email.
August 21, 2001 New Events. I am working on the installation of the Racing Dynamics headers page and the panel lights procedure. New page, engine diagnostic.
August 07, 2001 New Events.
August 02, 2001 New page: events. Email me to place your E34 events.
July 31, 2001 The red worm didn't hit or eat, but who cares.
New page: Headgasket troubleshooting. Just in case...
The new Toyos are great ($$$), the A/C dead cold and the fan working great.
New page: Racing Dynamic muffler, what model does it fit? 525i yes, but M20 or M50, who will be able to help me??? I will try it on the 535i also.
I am working on the engine troubleshooting with simple tools.
July 22, 2001 I installed my electrical fan, the fan clutch is gone. The procedure and pictures will be on the website soon.
New Toyos proxes T1S on the car, and ready for another track event.
I am working on a page with YOUR movies. I already have Tim movies. If you have E34 related movies, email them to me and I will put them on the website along with your name.
July 16, 2001 Pictures of the resistor pack thanks to Drew Zacharda.
I ordered a perma-cool fan to replace my fan clutch.
New page: E34 Versions, it took me a long time to gather all the information. I would not thank BMW that were not any help.
July 05, 2001 New page: Overheating
I am working on the "Is my headgasket gone" page. Pictures and movies of the track event.
June 25, 2001 I am working on the A/C upgrade procedure to make it more user friendly with pictures.
I will be working soon on the heater panel and OBC bulbs change.
At the end of the week another track event and I have to help Rodney to rebuild his headgakset.
June 17 , 2001 New procedure: Wheel bearings Big thanks to BMA for the parts.
June 13 , 2001 New procedure: Engine mounts.
Waiting on the wheel bearing to finish the car.
June 10 , 2001 I just changed the engine mounts, the procedure will follow. Still looking for a 46mm socket to change the wheel bearings. New: Exhaust upgrade
June 8 , 2001 The headgasket repair worked because the car went trough two days at Mosport. My instructor was pretty scared and says "I cannot believe you are driving this car that fast".
Future procedure: wheel bearings - engine mounts.
May 29, 2001 New page: LKM & Mustard relay
I still have to finish preparing the E34 for the track...
May 27, 2001 New pages: Racing/Track preparation - Catalytic converter failure
May 24, 2001 HOT DEALS Racing Dynamics exhaust have a blow out sale, do not miss that!!!
May 20, 2001

New procedures thanks to Micah O'C: Subframe bushings - Touring suspensions

New picture with the seats finished - valve adjustments - Sword - Chip installation.

May 11, 2001 The car drove 600 miles without any problem. The gas mileage is up to 25.6 Mpg or down to 9.3 l/100km. This is a good thing because the gas is really expensive now.
New pictures: Headgasket - 850i brakes - Calliper paint
Next step, adjustment of spark plugs, the valves and the AFM to smooth out the idle.
May 09, 2001 The car is back on the road. The engine is very strong now and the car wants to fly. Only little problem is the idle, but I am investigating it. Pictures soon.
May 04, 2001 I am quite made because the shop has to work on 2 racing Porsches instead of my cylinder head...
New pages: Interior - Calliper paint.
May 03, 2001

My cylinder head is still at the performance shop. I cleaned every single part of the engine.
The front brake calipers had been painted red and tonight the rear ones will be. (Procedure soon)
I have started the leatherique treatment of my seats and I am working on the procedure.

April 24, 2001

After my week end at Mosport, the headgasket killed itself. So I decided to remove the cylinder head myself and sending it to a shop to have the head rebuilt and the port polished and enlarged.

I guess I won't have time to work on the website for a couple of weeks. (Yes, I like to take my time to do things right.) Off course a full procedure will follow....

April 18, 2001 I am working on the Stereo page and the racing page.
April 16, 2001

I am working on a page about the 850i brakes (finally installed) upgrade and another page about racing and the BMW E34. I couldn't use the schroth harness because the Ontario BMW club doesn't allow it if you don't have at least half a cage... Grrrrr

April 09, 2001

I purchased a set of schroth harness for the driving school, I will install them in the 535i this week end taking a lot of picture. I will prepare a page for the website.
I will also prepare a page about the use of the leatherique products for our leather seats.
Still waiting on my 850i caliper... Grrrrrr

April 07, 2001 My first BMW racing school, after that I will have more time working on the website.
March 24, 2001 Pictures of my E34 lowered with RD rims: Pic1 - Pic2. Next week 540i rotors / pad / calipers for the rear. I am waiting on my 850i calipers to install them at the front. Then I will paint my calipers in red.
March 21, 2001 Back from vacation, I am really busy at work.
I have to prepare my 535i for the April driving school so I won't work on the website until mid-April. I will work with BMA to prepare spring tune up deals.
March 1, 2001 I am going to France for vacation, I will be back in 15 days. When I will be back I will lower my E34 and upgrade my brakes with 850i ones... Then the 7th of April I go to the track with my 535i.
February 21, 2001 After the lowering group purchase, it is time to work on the brakes... If you want or wish your brakes were bigger, email me, If enough people are interested, I will do a group purchase.
New picture thanks to Riaan van Wyk.
New deals from Zygmunt motors.
February 20, 2001 Rob L. gave me the information that was missing in the brake upgrade page. I will soon upgrade my brakes if the 324mm rotors fits under the 15" wheels.
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